Julius Genachowski

Former FCC Chairman Goes Wall Street

Former Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski has landed himself a lucrative new gig in private equity. In his new position as managing director and partner for The Carlyle Group’s U.S. buyout team, he’ll take what he knows about telecom, media and technology in finding investment opportunities for the Washington, D.C.-based company to pursue.

FCC’s Wheeler Pulls Media Ownership Proposal

The Federal Communications Commission’s review of media ownership rules, now nearly three years late, is likely to drag on even longer.

FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules May Not Survive Court

D.C.'s political bookies are giving the full survival of the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules long odds.

Conservative Groups Urge Senate to Block Wheeler Over Broadcast Indecency

Tom Wheeler (D), President Obama's nominee for chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, may be feeling the heat of the position even before he's confirmed.

FCC Puts Cross-Ownership Study Up for Comment

Acting Federal Communications Commission chairwoman Mignon Clyburn may be keeping the seat warm for nominee Tom Wheeler, but she isn't sitting on her hands. Over the weekend, Clyburn put a study on the impact of cross-media ownership on minorities and women up for comment.

Study: Cross-Ownership of Media Doesn’t Impact Minorities

One of the biggest arguments against liberalizing the cross-ownership of media properties in a local market—that it would limit minority and female ownership—was shot down in a study conducted as part of the Federal Communications Commission's long-overdue review of media ownership rules.

The Big Items on the FCC’s To-Do List

Did anyone really think that Julius Genachowski wouldn’t leave the media ownership rules for the next guy? Or the always-in-court, nearly impossible to legally defend broadcast indecency rules?

Obama Nominates Wheeler to Head FCC [Updated]

In a move that came as no surprise to anyone inside the Beltway, President Obama today nominated Tom Wheeler to head the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, an ally and fundraiser for Obama, will succeed Obama law school buddy Julius Genachowski, who announced his departure last month.

FCC’s Genachowski to Join Aspen Institute

Following in the footsteps of four other Federal Communications Commission chairmen, Julius Genachowski will join the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program as senior fellow.

FCC Chairman Announces Exit Friday

Well, that was fast. Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski announced Friday he is leaving the agency just two days after Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell said he would bow out in a few weeks.