Jon Mandel

UPDATED: ANA Launches Fact-Finding Probe Into Media-Buying Kickback Claims

Are media agencies pooling media purchases to get rebates on the time and space they're buying and not passing those savings on to their clients? With another investigation set to start, that question won't go away anytime soon.

As Firestorm Grows Around Media Kickbacks, the Industry Launches a New Task Force

It has been called (by 4A's President Nancy Hill, specifically) the ad industry's "elephant in the room."The issue? Allegations of media agencies pocketing discounts on volume media buys and not sharing the "kickbacks" with clients.Well, now the elephant is finally getting the scrutiny many feel it deserves.

The Man Who Took on Nielsen

It’s about 9 p.m. New York time, and Jon Mandel is in Seattle, on the phone, telling a story about the story the Nielsen ratings weren’t telling.