John F. Kennedy

Meet the $935 Pen That Turns a Scribble Into a Status Symbol

It's not often that a pen finds itself at the very center of an international event, but that's exactly what happened 52 years ago when John F. Kennedy visited Cologne, West Germany. His host was Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who invited the young U.S. president to sign the Golden Book (Cologne's official guest book), then found he had no pen on him.

Why Cuba’s Best Cigar Is Still Hot (Despite a 52-Year Embargo)

It was Friday, Feb. 2, 1962, and President John F. Kennedy summoned his press secretary Pierre Salinger into his office for an urgent meeting."I really need some help," said Kennedy."What do you want, Mr. President?" Salinger replied."I need some cigars," JFK replied.

Is Dallas Commercializing the Kennedy Assassination?

The tagline on the Visit Dallas home page says it all: “Dallas: Big Things Happen Here.”