Adidas’s Tribute to Andy Murray Is Pretty Sweet, Too

Robinsons isn't the only British brand drafting off Andy Murray's historic win at Wimbledon yesterday. The Adidas ad above, posted to Twitter, is nice and simple and a worthy tribute. The tennis star's other sponsors, including Head and RBS, also congratulated their man on Twitter.

British People ‘Like’ Andy Murray, but Could Like Him More

Tennis star Andy Murray seeks to shrug off his gruff demeanor and appear more likable in this commercial for Head racquets. In the spot, which lasts too long and plays a tad too cute for my liking, his co-stars reward him with shows of the ubiquitous thumb-up "Like" icon at every turn.

Andy Murray does amazing things with balls

Scottish tennis player Andy Murray joins the proud tradition of athletes doing hard-to-believe tricks with balls in this clip for Head.com by agency Aimaq & Stolle (and Stink Berlin director […]

Novak Djokovic irresistible in Head.com ad

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, the world's third-ranked player behind Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, gets extremely loose in his first major outing for sports brand Head since the equipment […]