British People ‘Like’ Andy Murray, but Could Like Him More

Tennis star Andy Murray seeks to shrug off his gruff demeanor and appear more likable in this commercial for Head racquets. In the spot, which lasts too long and plays a tad too cute for my liking, his co-stars reward him with shows of the ubiquitous thumb-up "Like" icon at every turn. In one scene, a cute gal "likes" a naked Murray in the shower (though probably less than he would've liked, as this clip is intended for family viewing). The guy does exude more likability than Roger Federer, but so does a can of tennis balls. Murray will have a chance to make every single person in the British Isles "like" him soon enough. All he has to do is become the first Brit to win the Wimbledon men's singles title since Fred Perry did it in 1936. Like, no pressure there.