Here Is the Game of Thrones Theme Screamed by Goats

It's always hard to find the best goat scream for the occasion (Doritos devoted a lot of effort to the task).

This Trailer for Goat Simulator May Be the Weirdest Thing You Watch Today

Self-described as a "small, broken and stupid game," Goat Simulator has already become a cult favorite of quirky gaming aficionados. And it isn't even out yet.Launching April 1 (unless it's one of the most epic long cons in April Fool's history), the $9.99 video game now has an official launch trailer, and it is something else.Largely a parody of the widely acclaimed announcement trailer for Dead Island, the Goat Simulator preview highlights just some of the chaos generated by the game's barnyard protagonist. Check it out for yourself, and if you're curious to see more of the game's rag-doll craziness in action, watch an older video after the jump.Via Giant Bomb. 

The Top Ads of Summer 2013 [Video]

Like saplings turning to face the sun for sustenance, so at this time of year do marketers and advertisers—especially when there are no big sporting events such as 2012's Olympics to pad out the creative briefs. But surely you can't just show Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, armies of attractive models and a handful of goats having fun in the sun? Or can you?