fleeting expletive

Should the FCC Force the Redskins to Change Team Name?

Should the Federal Communications Commission force the Washington Redskins to change their name? Former FCC chairman Reed Hundt says "yes."

FCC Moves to Clarify Broadcast Indecency Policy

At long [insert expletive here] last, the Federal Communications Commission is doing something about the backlog of broadcast indecency complaints that have hounded the agency since the Supreme Court tossed the rules back to the agency last June.

Ravens’ Flacco Drops the F-Bomb

There was (thankfully) no wardrobe malfunction during CBS' broadcast of the Super Bowl, but there was a fleeting expletive.Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco dropped the F-bomb. Celebrating the win while embracing teammate Marshal Yanda, Flacco said, "This is f-ing awesome."