Fairness Doctrine

FCC Suspends Controversial Newsroom Study

The Federal Communications Commission said Friday it has pulled the plug on its controversial study that proposed sending researchers into the stations it licenses to inquire about the editorial process.

FCC Backs Off Study of Newsroom Editorial Practices [Updated]

UPDATE, Feb. 20: The Federal Communications Commission told GOP lawmakers that the agency has "no intention" of interfering in the editorial decision-making of broadcast stations and newspapers.

Is the FCC’s Latest Study an Attempt to Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine?

A new study proposed by the Federal Communications Commission caught the wrath of 16 GOP members of the Commerce Committee, who see it as a sneaky way to bring back the Fairness Doctrine.

FCC Strikes Fairness Doctrine From Rule Book

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it has eliminated more than 80 outdated media-related rules, including the controversial Fairness Doctrine, which, until it was halted in the 1980s, required broadcasters to include different viewpoints on &ldq