Deep YouTube

Enjoy Some Delicious Nuggets of Commercialism in This Week’s Ads From Deep YouTube

This week's ads from the depths of YouTube (and some that are bubbling up to the surface) are full of some of the weirdest moments you can make with an advertising budget. From a Pulp Fiction-inspired candy commercial to 30 seconds of cats licking their lips in slow motion to a mildy sexist Middle Eastern Snickers spot, these ads are sure to make you drool. But that's probably because your mouth will be hanging open in bafflement.So, sink your teeth into these tasty morsels of commercialism, and masticate thoroughly. Don't worry, they all taste like chicken.

Ads From Deep YouTube: The World’s Weirdest New Commercials

Beginning today, and every Friday, we're going to be slipping on our crampons, grabbing our pickaxe and carabiners and descending into the foreboding caves of Deep YouTube in search of the world's weirdest commercials.Below, check out this week's collection—seven solid-gold ads that will make you laugh, cry, run for cover, or all of the above.