deceptive ads Jerked Around Consumers, FTC Says

How's this for an online racket? Surreptitiously grab information from Facebook to create tens of millions of profiles labeling people a "jerk" or "not a jerk" and then charge people $30 to revise their online profiles.

FTC Busts ADT for Failing to Disclose Paid Endorsers

ADT's on-air "independent" experts have set off all kinds of alarms at the Federal Trade Commission, which found that the home security company failed to disclose that the experts, which appeared on more than 40 different media outlets, were paid to endorse ADT's products and services.

FTC Says ‘No Way’ to Nissan Frontier-Pushing Dune Buggy Ad

"Man, no way, are you kidding?"That line of copy, uttered by a tank-topped dude in a Nissan Frontier ad, pretty much sums up the Federal Trade Commission's take on the ad's over-the-top demonstration showing a Frontier pickup truck pushing a stalled dune buggy up a precipitous slope.

Could the FTC Go After Publishers for Carrying Deceptive Ads?

After the Federal Trade Commission’s hammer came down earlier this month on deceptive weight-loss aids, settling with Sensa and others for a record $34 million and updating its 10-year-old media “gut check” guide, broadcasters and publishers may need to be on their toes.

FTC Puts the Brakes on Deceptive Car Dealer Ads in Broad Enforcement Sweep

Local car ads have never been known for their subtlety. But screaming salespeople and crappy graphics don't give dealers permission to bury onerous terms in the fine print. Ten car dealers were swept up Thursday in a broad deceptive ad enforcement action the Federal Trade Commission dubbed Operation Steer Clear. 

FTC Puts Media on Notice Over Deceptive Weight-Loss Ads

The Federal Trade Commission has put the advertising media on notice, launching a program called “gut check” to enlist them to spot bogus claims and reject deceptive weight-loss ads.