Analyst: Nielsen’s Revised Sample Won’t Immediately Impact Ad Market

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Nielsen’s plans to expand its sample to include non-linear TV deliveries is a bit like lacing up one’s boots before planting one foot in front of the other.

C-3POh No! Broadcasters Agitate for Better Ratings Currency

Troubled by historically weak prime-time deliveries, broadcast executives have begun making a case for adopting a more expansive ratings currency, one that would wring more favorable results from time-shifting viewers.

How about putting Obama on a new $1 bill?

At the time of his election, President Obama might have actually had a shot at gracing some American currency. Not so much now. Still, he does front the $1 bill […]

New $100 bill gets heroic movie-style trailer

The U.S. Treasury has just released this stirring, patriotic, cinematic video introducing the newly redesigned $100 bill. Ben Franklin has never looked better, and is surrounded by all sorts of […]