Netflix Sides With Government-Run Broadband Providers

Netflix filed a startling comment with the FCC today: the company wants the Telecommunications Act amended to allow for "a pro-consumer policy of limitless bandwidth," or to put it plainly, so government-run broadband providers can exceed limits set by the law.

New York Mayor Addresses His Commitment to Digital

Brooklyn is now the second fastest growing tech county in the U.S., and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to make sure it and the rest of the five boroughs become the prime locations for the industry. 

Comcast Makes Its Public Interest Case to Washington

Those print and TV ads Comcast has been running in the Washington media promoting the benefits of its $45 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable?

Comcast Extends Low-Cost Internet Program Indefinitely

Few companies can compare with Comcast when it comes to greasing the wheels of Washington to get a deal cleared.

True Blood Is Ending, Y’all

That’s a wrap for HBO’s True Blood, Alan Ball’s Southern-fried follow-up to Six Feet Under.

FCC Chairman Nominee Says Broadband Is Top Priority

Like the Federal Communications Commission chairman before him, Tom Wheeler is a broadband and wireless devotee, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with President Obama’s nominee for chairman.

First Mover: Robert McDowell

Specs Age 49 Who FCC commissioner; post-election, back in minority as Republican member

FCC: Mobile and Cable Services Improving

As many residents of New York and New Jersey know all too well after Sandy blew through town, cellphone and cable service outages persist. But overall, communications conditions in the 10 states knocked out by the storm are improving, the Federal Communications Commission said today.

Sandy Knocks Out 25 Percent of Communications

Sandy wreaked havoc with the nation's communications from Virginia to Massachusetts and as far west as Michigan. The slow-moving monster took out about 25 percent of wireless, broadband, cable and telephone services throughout 158 counties resulting in dead air for 7 to 8 million people, the Federal Communications Commission reported Tuesday afternoon during a press briefing.

The Internet’s Role in the Democratic Platform

With many of president Obama's top financial contributors in Silicon Valley—Microsoft and Google PACs are the second and third biggest contributors, per Open Secrets, a website that tracks political contributions—it was a given that the party's platform would devote sev