Bob’s Burgers

Prime-time Broadcast Ratings Tumble, Even During Premiere Week

Broadcast networks should start putting up a sign: "Watch for falling ratings." Fragmentation—the process of viewers diffusing across cable channels that cater to specific interests, as opposed to being forced […]

Jenny Slate’s Bedtime Routine Includes a Little Weed

Specs Who Jenny Slate Age 32

Sweeping Changes in Store at Fox

When the Knights of the Laptop begin to examine the fall broadcast schedule in earnest, expect a deluge of think pieces on how, after a seemingly robust return to form a few seasons back, broadcast comedy is dead all over again (or, at t

Fox Renews New Girl, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Following

Fox late Friday gave fans of its Tuesday night comedies something to cheer about, announcing it has picked up the gloriously goofy, Golden Globe Award-winning ensemble

Drinking With H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman

When Bob’s Burgers returns to Fox’s Sunday night lineup this weekend, it will do so after a five-week hiatus—and in a new time slot. Bumped back to 7 p.m.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Broadcast Audience Older Than Ever

Call it déjà view.

Breaking Bad May Have Dented Broadcast’s Sunday Dramas

While the national cable ratings won’t be in until later this afternoon, the early broadcast numbers suggest that a significant cohort of viewers may have ditched the networks in favor of the Breaking Bad finale.

American Dad Moves to TBS in 2014

Seth MacFarlane’s dominance over Fox’s “Animation Domination” lineup is on the wane.

H. Jon Benjamin Preps for Bob’s Burgers Tour

West Coast fans of Bob’s Burgers take note: H. Jon Benjamin and the rest of the cast are bringing their inspired brand of comic instability to a town near you.

Gray Gardens: Broadcast Audience Older Than Ever

If the low turnout for the new fall TV series weren’t reason enough to start gobbling SSRIs, the early median-age data could find all but the sturdiest broadcast executives scrambling for their Zoloft.