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How Popular Podcasts ‘StartUp’ and ‘Lore’ Are Making the Unlikely Transition to TV

In a sentence that only makes sense in 2016, your favorite podcasts are becoming TV shows.

Hot List: Here Are the Top TV Shows, Stars and Networks of 2015

Amid the clutter of today's TV options, there are still several standout shows and networks worth celebrating. Adweek's annual Host List is a two-part celebration of the best that TV, […]

Modern Family’s Debut on USA Rated Lower Than Big Bang’s on TBS in 2011

Updated: Mea culpa. Folks point out an error in the figures I was using—Big Bang did indeed start off strong and get stronger. This is still, of course, a longer story, but USA Network's first week of ratings for Modern Family do not, in fact, outdo Big Bang during the same period.