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New Campaigns: SOUTHWEST


Client: Cellular World, Dallas
Agency: Ackerman McQueen, Irving, Texas
Creative Director: David Lipson
Art Director: Kathy Redick
Copywriter: Vincent Walker
Many cellular phone ads give plenty of price and service details to readers and viewers, but most buyers know those facts are also readily available at the store. So the strategy of a new print, outdoor and radio campaign for Cellular World is to convince cell phone shoppers that being in the store is the best place to make comparisons. Taglined "Every phone on earth," the campaign is geared to support the client's 23-store market in Dallas/Fort Worth. Each ad highlights the selection of digital, pocket-size or sport phones. "Our creative strategy is to position Cellular World as the predominant retail outlet for any type of cellular phone in the Metroplex," said AM senior vice president and creative services director David Lipson. Newspaper and outdoor executions have already broken in the two cities, with 60-second radio spots set to air starting this month. -Glen Fest


Agency: The Admen, Dallas
Client: Turning Stone Casino, Verona, N.Y.
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jim Weber
Production Company: Thunderbolt Films, Dallas
Director: Tim Williams Line
Producer: Dianne Severson
In a new series of 30-second television spots, Turning Stone abandons the glitz and glamour look that dominates many casino ads and takes an offbeat approach. In one execution, shot in black-and-white, a down-on-his-luck blackjack dealer is shown in a series of quick-cut close-ups lamenting his losing streaks in everything from badminton to wrestling, all the while doling out cards. Nearby dealers frown as players at the table laugh at their own good fortune. The spot ends as the dealer gives himself another losing hand and the camera pulls back to reveal a large crowd of gamblers, hoping to play with the jinxed dealer. Five other humorous spots share the tagline, "Come out and play." The six ads will rotate for a year in markets including Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, Albany and Rochester, N.Y. -Steve Krajewski


Agency: Stone & Ward, Little Rock, Ark.
Client: Service Chevrolet, Little Rock
Executive Creative
Director: Larry Stone
Copywriter: Brian Toche
Art Director: Chris Watts
Producer: Kathy Scharff
Stone & Ward's work for a new client marks its entry into the automotive category and aims to "ignore some of the traditional rules of making car commercials," according to Service Chevrolet dealer and operator Joe Morgan. The campaign consists of 10 30-second combinations of seven 15-second TV spots. Each execution plugs a single point of difference for the dealership, using an animated Service Chevrolet logo to drive home the message, rather than standard beauty shots of cars on a lot. In one ad, the dealership logo takes the place of cars being backed off of a delivery truck to illustrate the client's wide selection. In another, a logo moves from the bottom left of the screen to the top right as viewers listen to a female opera singer warming up. Eventually, the white background shatters as a narrator observes that the dealership provides, "Service off the scale." -S.K.