This N.Y. Design Firm Is Branching Out From the Music Biz

Sagmeister & Walsh boasts diverse clients across industries

Jessica Walsh (l.) made partner at Stefan Sagmeister's (r.) firm after two years on the job. Photo: Sam Kelly

Who Founder Stefan Sagmeister and partner Jessica Walsh
What Creative design firm
Where New York

After spending almost two decades creating album covers for artists like the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads, Stefan Sagmeister wanted to branch out. Enter Jessica Walsh. Initially joining as a designer in 2011, two years later, at the age of 27, she was made partner. The duo announced the news with a nude photo together—something Sagmeister is famous for. Now, the New York-based firm boasts a diverse range of clients, from Levi's to the Guggenheim Museum to Columbia University.

The firm recently created a new identity for Fugue, an operating system for the cloud. The shop created a logo that works like the software does: always regenerating while data moves from one point to another. The dotted-lined logo constantly refreshes to form the brand's name. "Fugue wanted us to design a brand that visualized this ephemerality and embodied their core attributes of lineage and elegance," said Walsh.

Fugue was certainly pleased with the results.

"The response to the identity Jessica and Stefan produced has been remarkable. It stirs curiosity and facilitates deeper engagement," said Josh Stella,  founder and CEO of Fugue's parent company, Luminal. "They really listened to our brief and came back with something unique, effective and beautiful that doesn't look like every other tech company out there."

Fugue Website from Sagmeister & Walsh on Vimeo.

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