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AOY '08: Q&A With TBWA's Tom Carroll


What does the Omnicom business approach bring to TBWA?

The problem with Chiat/Day in the past was, we would do this brilliant creative, and then we didn't have the business discipline to protect it and grow it. So, we'd do this brilliant work, and we'd get fired. And everybody would go, "Well, that's ridiculous. How could they do such brilliant work and then get fired?" ... It's not that the lunatics were running the asylum. It's just that Jay [Chiat] was always afraid of strong account people and didn't realize that that's what protects great work and great creative. So, these disciplines that being a part of Omnicom brought to the table, like [recently departed worldwide CFO] Jonathan Ramsden, who has as much to do with our success in the last 10 years as anybody because he had this steady hand, [have been key to our success].

Being part of Omnicom also opens doors to Mars and PepsiCo.

Without question.

That's what you have to give Crispin Porter + Bogusky credit for. You can't say that MDC opened the door to Microsoft. So, in a good way, they remind me of the old Chiat/Day.

I look at Burger King, and first of all, I think the work is genius. But more than anything, those guys have unlocked something about that brand that the brand couldn't have done without Crispin. The King is genius. I think they're talking to their target brilliantly. They really identify who they want to talk to and why. They're selling burgers, and they're building that brand. And they've done a great job on that. What else have they done that I really love? I love the VW stuff. I don't how you cannot like the VW stuff. The Microsoft stuff -- it reminded me of Chiat/Day. That's what Chiat/Day would have done. Well, they're not afraid. And they know what their job is. It's to bring the best out in their clients. And that's the characteristic that drives our company the most. I don't think we're afraid at all of anything. And we're very clear that our job is to bring the best out of our clients. I look at Crispin, and I feel they do the same thing. They're not afraid. And neither are we. And that's a really important thing.