The 5 Worst (and Best) Ad Songs of All Time


The right song can help a product shine -- but the wrong one can hit an off note. Billboard consulted with a six-person panel of experts in advertising and branding to determine our list of the best five songs in commercials -- and five that made viewers reach for their remotes.

The Panel of Experts
• John Campanelli, vp of marketing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
• Geoff Cottrill, chief marketing officer, Converse
• Stephanie Diaz-Matos and Sara Matarazzo, executive producers/music supervisors, Search Party Music
• Mike Tunnicliffe, brands, technology and entertainment entrepreneur, Tuna Music/Filament Entertainment Group
• Josh Rabinowitz, svp, director of music, Grey Group


5. AARP: "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" - Buzzcocks

When Manchester, England, proto-punks the Buzzcocks let their song be used for a membership drive from the United States' largest senior citizen lobbying group, it finally proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that punk isn't dead. It is, however, exhausted, retired and taking it easy down in Florida, playing shuffleboard in elastic-waistband pants and slip-on shoes. --David J. Prince

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