Adweek Regrooves

Adweek was started 33 years ago in a far, far different media world. Now it is remade for a new age and new opportunities.

To put it mildly, trade magazines, with their narrow-focused insularity, are not the most logical place to turn when the world is exploding. So the reinvention here at Adweek needs to be as total as any in the media world.

This is the proposition of the new Adweek: In minute-by-minute reporting on the Web and in close analysis and profiles in the magazine, we will tell the story of the uncertain transformation of our business. We need to be more Tolstoy than trade reporter.

And yet, one thing, in an almost humbling sense, remains constant: Seller must meet buyer. Almost every transformative permutation of the media model still relies on advertising; almost all methods and theories of branding still rely on reaching and influencing audiences. But, alarmingly,  never before have media practitioners and marketing professionals been so remote from each other. Sellers and buyers, the best of pals in my dad’s day, hardly know each other any more.

But we know them both. Lunch?

I’ll reserve.