Shoshana Davis

Google to Launch New Commenting System

Strategy planned to challenge Facebook, improve search, bolster use of Google+

Google is on the move again. The Internet giant is said to be working on a Web commenting system, aimed at challenging Facebook's ubiquitious commenting platform, according to The strategy for…

Angry Birds Developer Rovio Buys Finnish Game Studio Futuremark

'Space' edition of popular bird-launching game hits 10 million downloads in 3 days

Angry Birds developer Rovio has a lot to be happy about. It has purchased Futuremark Games Studio, the gaming side of the Futuremark software company—and just three days after the release…

New iPad Is Messing Up Magazines

Images seem blurred on the tablet

Despite its many bells and whistles, Apple’s new iPad 3 has been the subject of complaints since the device’s March 16th release date. Most recently, Mashable noted that magazines have a…

Windows Invests $24 Million in Apps

Trying to stay afloat in the smartphone community

“There’s an app for that” now not only surmises Apple's current dominance on the mobile market, but also can be used to describe Google’s Android smartphone marketplace.  But for Nokia and…