Shoshana Davis

Google to Launch New Commenting System

Google is on the move again. The Internet giant is s

Angry Birds Developer Rovio Buys Finnish Game Studio Futuremark

Angry Birds developer Rovio has a lot to be happy about.

‘Vogue’ Essay About a 7-Year-Old’s Diet Sparks Controversy

Writing about your own weight struggle is not unusual, but writing about your 7-year-old daughter’s diet is a bit different. In the April issue of Vogue, author Dara-Lynn Weiss wrote a first-person essay stemming from a conversation with her daughter’s pediatrician.

New iPad Is Messing Up Magazines

Despite its many bells and whistles, Apple’s new iPad 3 has been the subject of complaints since the device’s March 16th release date.

Windows Invests $24 Million in Apps

“There’s an app for that” now not only surmises Apple's current dominance on the mobile market, but also can be used to describe Google’s Android smartphone marketplace.