Ki Mae Heussner

Women Who Go Their Own Way

Entrepreneurs who gave up lucrative jobs to launch startups

Total parity in boardrooms and C-suites may still be elusive, but a growing number of women entrepreneurs are striking out on their own and showing that they’ve got the chops…

LinkedIn Launches Follow Company Button

Says its members have high expectations for companies they follow

Following companies on LinkedIn just got easier. In an announcement today, the social network for professionals said it was launching a Follow Company button that companies can add to their…

Brands Pinning It on Pinterest

Retailers among first on social scrapbooking site, but marketers will soon realize they’d better join, too

Pinterest, the scrapbooking site that’s suddenly on everyone’s lips, is like a gift from the social media gods for style-conscious retailers. “I think for any company that has an e-commerce presence,…

Recent Downloads

Whether for smartphones or tablets, Android or Apple, some of our favorite mobile apps (at least since we last checked the App Store)

LauncherPro If smartphones really were such personal devices, their user interfaces wouldn’t be so homogeneous. Here, users take ownership of their Androids with customizable widgets and a 3-D app drawer. Flipboard Already a longtime…

New Commerce Sites Challenge Mass Production Model

Etsy, Fab, Shapeways let consumers engage in design process

Mass production may give us efficiency, more affordable prices and convenience, but a handful of new tech companies say their more custom, less assembly-line-oriented commerce models provide something else: a…

Jason Spero: Mobile Evangelist

Google's head of sales and strategy on why businesses' mobile websites are behind the curve

Google’s mobile ad business is going gangbusters. In 2011, the company’s share of U.S. mobile ad revenue was 51.7 percent or $750 million, according to eMarketer. It leads mobile display…

How Far Should Personalization Go?

Consumers crave human moments of discovery, says JWT CEO

"Frictionless sharing" may be all the rage in social media and advertising, but during his Social Media Week keynote Monday morning, JWT CEO David Eastman offered some words of caution: "You…

Divorcees, Southerners Most Concerned About Web Privacy

90 percent of online adults worry about privacy online, study shows

With the steady drumbeat of privacy controversies over the past year, it’s not surprising that surveys indicate that consumers are concerned about the issue. But research released today (Feb. 13)…

Do Mobile Ads Still Suck?

Creative has come a long way—and despite some new innovations, it still has a long way to go

Steve Jobs was fond of hyperbole. But two years ago, when he declared that “mobile ads suck,” the industry didn’t exactly come back with a flood of counterarguments. How far have…

Targeting the Tone Deaf

ToneMedia, the latest spin on the ad network model, allows brands to target John Lennon-loving cat owners

Let’s be honest. Lyrics websites haven’t exactly enjoyed the best reputation. Between in-your-face banner ads, aggressive ringtone offers and often artless aesthetic—not to mention their murky copyright infringement issues—they don’t…