Zoom Pumps Up Network With LA Fitness Deal

Zoom Media and Marketing, which operates the largest digital out-of-home fitness network in the U.S., just got bigger through a deal with LA Fitness, the nation’s largest health club chain.

As part of a long-term media and advertising agreement, Zoom will add more than 330 locations across 21 states and Canada to its network, bringing the system’s venue count to more than 1,600 health clubs in the U.S. and 2,500 globally.

“LA Fitness is one of the largest and fastest-growing clubs in the world,” said Dennis Roche, president of Zoom. “Their breadth of services, size of facilities and commitment to customer service make them a tremendous partner and we are excited to be working with them.”

According to Nielsen’s Fourth Screen Report for the first quarter, Zoom was the No. 1 fitness network, registering more than 34.7 million gross monthly ad exposures.