Zoo Parade for Kids

“Your kids belong at the zoo” is the re-created tagline for the Fort Worth Zoo from new agency Publicis Dallas.
The campaign, breaking this spring, shows kids who are clueless about the animal kingdom, with teasers such as “Have your kids ever seen fish without tartar sauce?”
One television spot shows a young girl giving a report on gorillas in front of her classroom. The teacher looks on in growing disbelief as she describes gorillas as “nature’s salesmen,” citing the purple and green inflatable versions seen atop car dealerships and furniture stores.
The major challenge of the campaign was to combat the “been there, done that” attitude of parents towards the zoo.
“We were really searching for something that might be more motivating than a reminder that the zoo is there or that the kids might like to go to the zoo,” said Publicis creative director Steve Feldman. “Learning seemed to be a motivating concept.”
Other billboards exhort parents to “Show your kids a primate hairier than Dad” or some “Bears that aren’t gummy.”
The TV, print and outdoor messages are a departure from previous advertising efforts, which focused on special events or promotions, Feldman said.
The three TV spots were directed by New York-based Tom Schiller. Other creative credits include art director Lee Einhorn, writer John Kearse and associate creative director Mike Fiddleman.