The first truly global brand was Y2K, according to Tim Love, managing partner of Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

This and other kernels of wisdom on topics ranging from the Internet to the importance of teamwork are spouted by top ad executives in the new tome Leading Advertisers, part of Aspatore Books’ Inside the Minds series.

The book, which debuted this month, has 10 sections—each written by an ad executive. Bob Brennan, president of Leo Burnett in Chicago, writes about “The Future of Advertising: Invitation Only, No Regrets,” while Eric Rosenkranz, CEO of Grey Global Group in New York, writes on “Rallying the Troops,” and Love covers “Think Like the Sun: the Secret to Building Global Lovemark Brands.”

“Often executives are too busy to write books,” said Jonathan Aspatore, CEO of the Boston-based publisher, adding that the goal was to share their knowledge with others, in book form.

He noted that contributors to the book were informed they could write about anything—with a few exceptions.

“They can’t write about how great their company is or why they’re great,” said Aspatore.

Thank goodness.