WongDoody’s Go-To Guy Olbermann Hams It Up for Fox Sports Net

LOS ANGELES-Sardonic anchorman Keith Olbermann returns in a new round of ads for Fox Sports Net’s Fox Sports News program via WongDoody.
The TV spots feature Olbermann and his co-anchors in mock documentary style humorously outlining how and why the nightly program is the premier authority on sports news.
In one spot, Olbermann champions the show as the only one to offer “expert analysis” from such former athletes as Marques Johnson. It cuts to supposed footage of the set during a commercial break, with the ex-NBA player berating co-anchor Kevin Fraser about carelessly banging up his car and spilling food on it in the parking lot. He uses the show’s special “Fox Scope” hidden camera to illustrate his point. As the show resumes, Olbermann, sandwiched between the two, breaks into an overdone, cheesy grin, and says, “And we’re back!”
In another spot, Olbermann issues a quirky challenge to viewers keen for even more sports news: “Clone me.” The ad cuts to a kind of boot camp, where young boys in Olbermann-style wigs and glasses march about, chanting the sportscaster’s classic lines such as “You put the biscuit in the basket from way downtown.”
Fox Sports is putting more than $2 million in media behind the monthlong effort, which also includes radio. “We’re using talent to entertain, but we’re also working hard to get the word out on why Fox Sports News is a highly credible program,” said Tracy Wong, principal and creative director at the Seattle-based shop. ƒ