Wolfe/Doyle Gets in Game With SegaSoft PC Titles

By Angela Dawson

LOS ANGELES–After nine months at Ground Zero, SegaSoft has shifted the personal computer games portion of its estimated $10 million account to Wolfe/Doyle in San Francisco. Ground Zero in Santa Monica, Calif., will continue to handle advertising for the Redwood City, Calif., company’s Internet-based games.

Wolfe/Doyle won the account planning, creative and media responsibilities for all of SegaSoft’s PC game titles without a review.

‘We hired Wolfe/Doyle for their ability to produce spectacular creative work under extremely tight deadlines,’ said Lori Von Rueden, SegaSoft’s recently hired director of marketing.

The agency previously worked with Von Rueden on PC game advertising when she was at Psygnosis, a division of Sony. Wolfe/Doyle resigned the Psygnosis account.

Wolfe/Doyle will create print and Web banner ads for three SegaSoft game launches this summer: The Space Bar, Lose Your Marbles and Vengeance. The ads will be featured in national personal computer gaming publications, on Web sites and in general PC magazines.

‘We’re going to get involved from the beginning in how each game should be launched,’ said Daniel Wolfe, president and creative partner at the agency.

The agency also will develop a campaign scheduled to launch during the holidays for a title called Flesh Feast, in which the player has to stop blood-thirsty zombies by any means available. Wolfe/Doyle will handle other upcoming titles as well.

Since winning the account last September, Ground Zero had created award-winning TV and print work for the launch of two SegaSoft titles: Rocket Science’s Rocket Jockey and Obsidian.

The agency and client parted weeks ago, said principal Jim Smith. ‘We wish them well,’ he said, adding that executive changes at the client led to the breakup.

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