Winn-Dixie Ready to Check Out New Campaign

NEW YORK–Supermarket chain Winn-Dixie is putting the finishing touches on its first ad campaign under its new agency, Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago. The retailer has been working with C-K’s Orlando office to film a series of commercials in and around its home base of Jacksonville, Fla., the first of which is scheduled to break in September.

Although the tag has not been revealed, the campaign is expected to take a different approach from those produced by Winn-Dixie’s former ad agency, Cook Marketing Communications, Jacksonville, which had handled the chain’s account for 35 years before officially being replaced on July 1. Winn-Dixie has said its goal is to strengthen its image as one of the nation’s largest supermarket retailers following a recent downturn that saw the company close more than 100 stores and lay off some 11,000 employees.

Several of the commercials, shot during a week-long session at such local attractions as Atlantic Beach and Wolfson Park, are being produced for multi-media release. Media spending for the year is expected to be between $40 million and $65 million.