It’s not the sort of motto one expects from a law firm: “Let no one burst your bubble.” Like the text in the cartoon-style bubble, it gives this advertiser a colorful identity. But we must ask whether it’s a smart identity to put forth. For one thing, some bubbles are eminently worth bursting. When you’ve got an impractical idea, an adviser who frankly tells you so is worth every cent you pay him. While intending toconvey a can-do attitude, the ad risks giving the law firm the air of a yes-man. There’s a sensible insight behind the ad: People (in business or elsewhere) are intimidated by law firms; they want to hire one that will take up their cause, not one that will judge them. On the other hand, they also realize they need a self-respecting partner, not a self-abasing servant. In practice, it may be a fine distinction, but fine distinctions are part of what we expect a law firm to master. In this instance, a potential customer may feel the advertiser is trying too hard to be ingratiating, and that never inspires confidence.Agency

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