Verizon Wireless “Towers”

“Verizon’s signal. There to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you.” This spot certainly packs a potent visual metaphor to illustrate that point, with cellular transmitters suddenly bursting loose from trucks, parking meters and the sides of buildings. The transformations are quite well done. Yet, they’re also kind of scary, yielding a breed of omnipresent techno-beasts of Orwellian proportions, cleverly hidden and always geared to strike. They’re reminders that virtually everything we do and say can be monitored anywhere, at anytime, by pretty much anyone … for purposes that may not always be benign. By extension, the spot unintentionally suggests that big corporations like Verizon ultimately “Rule the air” — and probably push a bit too far into our lives. Not that big corporations would ever dream of intruding, misusing our data or causing us problems in any way. Right? –David Gianatasio