Verizon Wireless “Misfits”

Verizon Wireless turns up its attack on the iPhone in this holiday-themed commercial that banishes the Apple device to “The Island of Misfit Toys.” At first, the outcast inhabitants are surprised to see the iPhone arrive. “What are you doing here?” asks a plush elephant. “You can download apps and browse the Web.” The sad-looking  iPhone explains by showing a map of its spotty AT&T 3G coverage. “You’re going to fit right in here!” giggles a welcoming model airplane, instantly understanding the predicament. A voiceover and on-screen copy explain, “This year, it’s the 3G coverage that counts.” For those considering smartphone gifts this holiday season, the ad provides a compelling argument for Verizon over AT&T. No one wants to invest in a gift that will disappoint, and this spot raises concerns about an apparently lacking aspect of the iPhone’s functionality that all the apps in the Apple Store can’t fix.–Eleftheria Parpis