Turner Secures All of Recall Corp.

Turner and Turner has acquired the advertising account of Recall Corp.

Recall, an information management specialist in Alpharetta, Ga., awarded its global marketing duties to the Atlanta shop after it completed a series of digital and collateral projects.

The assignment will include Internet advertising, direct mail and print ads in business periodicals such as Business Week, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal. Additional efforts will run in financial and legal publications.

Public relations will continue to be handled by GCI in Atlanta.

“They are total information management—the cradle to grave life cycle of a document,” said Turner account supervisor Amanda Block, who helped secure Recall’s business. “What’s come to light since September 11 is the impact of a loss of information. Recall’s expertise came to light when it was able to assure New York customers that their documents were secure.”

Block added that Turner’s goal is integrating the client’s services.

“We’ve shown them how we could make their sales force more effective by looking into their process,” she said. “They don’t have to carry the weight of solving all their marketing programs.”

“This is a high-growth company in an exciting industry,” said agency CEO Jamie Turner, who expects annual billings to be $1 million.

Recall is a unit of The Brambles Group in Sydney, Australia.