Turkel Schwartz Takes Pain Out of Dentistry

The first step of selling what Noven Pharmaceuticals claims to be totally pain-free dentistry has begun in a print trade and direct mail campaign from Turkel Schwartz & Partners (TS&P) in Miami.
The agency’s first assignment is marketing the client’s DentiPatch, an anesthetic strip that prevents the discomfort of oral injections and soft-tissue dental procedures. TS&P acquired Noven’s multi-million dollar account in August.
“We always approach a new campaign by asking ourselves why should anybody care [about the product],” said agency partner Bruce Turkel. “People are afraid of going to the dentist because it hurts. This product offers them absolutely painless dentistry. It’s not something that drips down your throat and it’s all self-contained.”
The DentiPatch, much like similar products used to help people stop smoking, is about the size of a paper clip and is treated with lidocaine. It is applied to a patient’s gums and provides long-lasting numbing.
The premiere target audience is dental professionals. The effort is aimed at educating them about the product’s benefits and ease of use, encouraging them to sample and, later, incorporate it into their practices. The agency has created ads that are running in dental trade magazines, plus a direct mail piece. It also designed the company’s Web site.
“There’s another reason why it’s cool for dentists, and that’s because it adds efficiencies to their practice,” Turkel said. “Right now it’s the dentist who has to give you a [pain-killing] shot and then come back when it takes affect. The hygienist who is seeing you can put the patch on and let the doctor come in and go to work.”
Turkel said a consumer effort will follow the initial trade push. That work will encourage people to ask their dentists, who should have seen the trade ads, to use the patch.
Production credits include creative directors Turkel and Kirk Kaplan, art director Janice Davidson, copywriter Dan Gronning and new media designer Rand Hill.