Tierney Whispers Sweet Somethings to Women

NEW YORK Tierney Communications looks to lure fans of upper crust pastries to Miel Patisseries with a print and outdoor campaign for the bakery and chocolatier founded by celebrated Philadelphia pastry chef Robert Bennett.

The campaign, which targets women already patronizing Miel, is the first since Tierney took on the account less than a year ago, said agency vice president and associate creative director Terese Zeccardi. “We have a lot of clients in common. That’s how we came to know him,” said Zeccardi about the Philadelphia shop’s relationship with Bennett.

Bennett’s renown as a premier pastry chef has lent his 4-year-old business a sterling reputation, said Zeccardi. (He served President Ronald Reagan in the White House and was a pastry chef at Le Bec Fin, a five-star Philadelphia restaurant for 14 years.) Still, the agency’s campaign aims to give Miel Patisseries a bump in awareness and tell women “it’s an elegant and very fun place,” she said.

Four executions, which will appear on posters and in local magazines and newspapers, use 18th century rococo fabric patterns as the backdrop for a tongue-in-cheek sell. One ad pairs a picture of a fruit tart with the line, “Our pastries may not be better than sex, but in most cases they’re a more suitable hostess gift.”

Another ad shows an image of a tall chocolate cake with the words, “High carb.” A smaller cake is deemed, “Low carb.” Accompanying copy declares, “For exquisite French pastries, chocolates and breads, just follow your nose.”

“Philadelphia is a small town and people simply get to know each other’s chocolate,” said Zeccardi. “Our joke is that we’re a big agency because we keep eating his stuff.”

Campaign spending details were not available.