Think Spot Has Client In-Joke

The rivalry between Northern and Southern California is the subject of an inside joke in a humorous Super Bowl spot from Think New Ideas for computer security company Network Associates.
In a spot (shown here) that will run, appropriately, near the two-minute warning of the first half of the game, Think depicts a moldering missile silo in what appears to be the former Soviet Union where two forgotten solders are suddenly put on war alert.
After debating whether or not “hackers” have invaded their computer system and issued a “bogus” order, the duo jubilantly fire their nuclear missile anyway.
“Where is the missile headed?” one asks the other. “Los Angeles,” is the reply. “Bummer,” notes the first. “Who’s watching your network?” is the voiceover tagline.
The target of the fictional missile is no accident: The company is based in Santa Clara in Northern California.
“That L.A. line will play great in Silicon Valley,” laughed Larry Kopald, chief creative officer of the agency, which is headquartered in New York and Los Angeles.
–Michael McCarthy