Think Goes Native in Debut Ads for Software AG

Think New Ideas is rolling out its first work for Software AG.
The campaign, slated for a six-month run, focuses initially on the software provider’s Native XML products, which are designed to optimize the new Internet language, XML, in its fastest and purest form.
Print ads outline how Native XML is faster and more powerful than other languages. In one execution, two defeated fighters sit outside a boxing ring as a third is reluctant to get in the ring with the champion. The headline reads, “Native XML. Would-be contenders are just a little too soft and slow.” The tagline is, “Accept no limits.”
Text touts the company’s Tamino information server for e-business as offering the “speed, power, flexibility and promise of XML.”
Another ad shows gorillas being observed by a scientist. “It’s so cute when our little friends try to imitate us,” reads the headline.
Ads broke last week in The Wall Street Journal and continue with spreads in magazines. The print will be supported by online advertising and trade-show exposure. Software AG launched its Web site,, last week.
“There’s an opportunity here to get people talking about Software AG,” said Elizabeth Riddell, account director at Think’s Los Angeles office.
Think won the estimated $30 million account in February. Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Software AG is the U.S. division of the German software company of the same name.
Billings are undisclosed, although the client spent about $15 million on advertising in Europe in 1999, and is expected to spend twice that amount in the U.S. this year, sources said. K