Target “Baby”

You would think that 10 seconds of nothing but a baby sitting on a kitchen mat wouldn’t make a particularly compelling commercial. But the face on this child as it takes a poop is priceless. This Target spot is among a slew of 15-second spots in Wieden + Kennedy’s “Life’s a Moving Target” campaign. Like the others in the series, it effortlessly captures an everyday moment and manages to say more about the brand and the role it plays in consumers’ lives than most overreaching or product-driven retailer ads. I don’t know if the eyebrows were digitally enhanced, but the expression, the concentration and surprise says it all — and the quiet heightens the anticipation. No soundtrack is needed, other than the light background noise we hear of mom doing dishes and the final sounds of the baby’s gas. The frame switches to a product shot of Huggies, with The Cars’ “Let’s Go” kicking in to add energy to the graphic treatment of the tagline and logo. Bull’s-eye!–Eleftheria Parpis