SW Bell Wireless TV Tales Invite Viewers To Live Happily Ever After

DALLAS – GSD&M of Austin, Texas, last week launched a television branding campaign in five states for SBC Communications’ Southwestern Bell Wireless service.
Three 30-second ads put a contemporary spin on well-known fairy tales, encouraging customers unfamiliar with wireless providers to sign up with a company they already trust.
The commercials will air throughout the year in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. The media flights will vary in each state.
Spending for the campaign was not disclosed. SBC’s wireless ad business (operating as Cellular One in some markets) was worth an estimated $40 million when it was consolidated at GSD&M in 1996.
One spot tells the story of an old woman “who lived in a funky, retro kind of house, kind of shaped like a shoe” who has trouble juggling her family’s chores. A voiceover rhymes: “To keep up with it all she called Southwestern Bell/And went wireless with someone she knew pretty well.” The other spots feature Little Jack Horner as a successful businessman and Jill phoning a rescue team to help Jack after his fall.
The tagline for each ad is: “The moral is go with someone you know and live happily ever after.”
“Most wireless ads tout deals on service,” said GSD&M senior vice president and creative director Joan Lyons. “Southwestern Bell offers great deals too. What we were looking for was what really sets SWB apart . . . The answer was familiarity.”
Designed primarily as branding commercials, the spots were also cut in 25-second versions to be accompanied by a five-second market-specific tag.
Agency account di-rector Barry Dvoracek said radio spots will support the TV executions and can incorporate promotional messages as well.
GSD&M won the consolidated media buying duties for all of San Antonio-based SBC’s brands last year. It also develops creative for SBC’s Yellow Pages, in addition to its wireless properties.