Supercuts Extends ‘Hip’ Campaign

Hair Salon Chain Embraces Its New Image in McCann/A&L Ads
SAN FRANCISCO–McCann/A&L follows up last year’s “As hip as you want to be” campaign from McCann-Erickson for Supercuts with new TV and radio spots breaking this week. Spending for the national effort is estimated at $10 million.
The campaign primarily targets men in their twenties and thirties, according to the San Francisco agency’s creative director, John Mattingly. It continues to promote the San Francisco-based hair salon chain as a cool place to get a haircut–not just an affordable salon option, he said.
“Supercuts definitely wants to be more aggressive with [advertising] that will make them appear more fashionable,” said Mattingly, adding that the success of Supercuts’ most recent campaign from McCann, which introduced the “hip” tag last year, has helped the client feel confident about selling its new image.
To avoid conveying a message of over-the-top chic, the ads use images of the “fashion-fallible,” said group creative director Kevin McCarty.
“For Supercuts, using Calvin Klein-type models with their cheeks sucked in would be wrong,” McCarty said.
Instead, the campaign takes a look at plenty of unglamorous and even offbeat-looking models. In one execution, a nerdy teen sporting a sleek and trim hairstyle is trying to get into a hip club, but two big bouncers block his way. The voiceover refers to his type of haircut as “The ‘Just make me look 21.'”
The camera cuts to a pretty girl with spiked blonde hair and loads of body piercing. The voiceover says, “The ‘Because there’s nothing left to pierce.'”
The ads use a mix of people from all walks of life and all ages, but mostly feature men. Each spot wraps with an image of the tagline and the client’s Web site address (
The campaign is airing primarily on the West Coast, but also in markets nationwide where Supercuts has a strong presence, including New York and Chicago.