Suits: What I Wear

Mike Gray Director of business development, Martin/Williams Advertising, Minneapolis
Suit Joseph Abboud blazer, Nordstrom merino-wool sweater, wool slacks from Dayton’s
Accessories Cole-Haan shoes
“Five years ago, how to dress for a client or new-business meeting was pretty simple-put on a suit. Today, the dress code is one of the most often-asked questions. The answer for me is comfortable, relaxed and informal, especially if the prospect is coming to our agency. That’s our culture. Versatility is also important to me. The advertising business is constantly changing, with different client needs, different problems and, certainly, many different solutions. You signal how flexible you are by how you dress. Assorted sweaters and blazers-double-breasted, basic blue, camel hair, etc.-are the mainstay of my wardrobe. They can be mixed with wool gabardine or flannel slacks. Occasionally, I’ll wear a shirt and a tie, but it’s rare. If it’s Friday and I’m in the office with no outside meetings, it’s khakis or blue jeans and a sweater. I own one suit and I never wear it.”
Seattle. There’s a casual, relaxed feel. My concern when I came to America was that I’d never have use for my six suits again. I’ve had a chance to wear a suit only a handful of times in the past six months.”