This Suit Was Presidential

A late night at the office-especially on Friday-usually means missing out on special events.
But GSD&M media supervisor Sylvia Molina had a lot to talk to her family and friends about from her late work session on May 7.
While she was logging overtime hours, Molina and a few other night owls were surprised when President Bill Clinton and his entourage came strolling in for a special tour of the Austin, Texas, agency.
Clinton, in town for a fund-raiser, decided to look around the shop operated by his longtime friend and Democratic Party supporter, GSD&M president Roy Spence.
“He asked us how we were doing and all that,” said Molina.
One of Clinton’s stops was the second floor creative department, where Molina and the other staffers had been relegated by security minutes prior to his appearance.
“We were actually getting ready to leave when we saw a Secret Service guy come in,” Molina said. Even before he ordered them upstairs, Molina said they knew he was a member of the president’s detail.
What gave him away? “How often do you see a guy in a dark suit coming into GSD&M?”
-Glen Fest