Springbox Takes Off Running

DALLAS When Dan Isaacs and Adam Moore opened their ad shop Springbox last spring, they were so busy they never had time for an open house, Moore said.

With clients in tow, they plan to remedy that Thursday with a party at their quarters on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.

“We didn’t expect to start business with a client,” Moore said. “But before we even opened the doors, I got a call from a friend at Capital Sports and Entertainment looking for help on a project.”

Positioning the shop as an interactive specialist, Moore and Isaacs launched two new Web sites for Capital Sports. The first, lancearmstrong.com, celebrates the achievements of the Austin cyclist Lance Armstrong and his historic sixth victory in the Tour de France competition. The duo also built a site for Capital Sports’ Austin City Limits show.

Springbox is also doing work for Integrated Screening Partners, a company that specializes in corporate background checks, Moore said.

Moore and Isaacs broke away from T3 (The Think Tank), a full-service agency in Austin that does work for one of Moore’s former employers, Dell Computer. Other clients they worked with at T3 included MSN, JC Penney, Samsung, Nortel, Marriott, Sprint and Citigroup, Moore said.

“We really wanted to be more focused on the interactive side of the business,” Moore said.

Now that they have clients, the co-founders are looking to expand the staff from the current five employees to 13 or more, said Moore, who handles new business while Isaacs oversees agency operations and client retention.