The Softer Side Of The Drug War

When Bill Clinton unveiled the federal government’s $2 billion anti-drug ad blitz earlier this month, a TV spot with a young woman swinging a frying pan got most of the attention. But another, quieter series of ads was also introduced–directed by a well-known alumnus of Hal Riney & Partners (now Publicis & Hal Riney).
James Dalthorp, former creative director at the San Francisco agency who worked on General Motors’ Saturn account, partnered with Arnold Communications in Boston to produce the pro bono campaign.
Dalthorp, a director at 1/33 Productions in Santa Monica, Calif., brought the same low-key emotional appeal found in his Saturn work to the ads. Each spot (one is shown here) shows a parent and a preteen silently sharing an ordinary activity, followed by a simple line of copy: “Another missed opportunity to talk to your child about marijuana.”
“We wanted to reach parents with a softer, introspective look [rather than] a single bold stroke,” said Dalthorp. –Joan Voight