Smash’s Sex Appeal

HeadHunter Targets ‘Passive’ Job Seekers
BOSTON–Smash Advertising has produced a spot for that uses workplace humor to infuse the Internet job service with a dash of sex appeal.
The 30-second commercial opens with a bunch of white-collar men ogling a computer screen. “What a package,” says one. “Look at that figure,” gushes another. Finally, a female boss shows up to take a look. “That’s a position I could go for,” she says.
They’re not surfing for porn, merely checking out salary and benefits packages listed on the client’s Web site.
“Salaries are sexy” in the world of online job services, noted Judy Hackett, senior vice president of marketing at the Norcross, Ga.-based client. Looking to challenge better-known competitors such as, Hackett approved the spot based on an old ad maxim: “Sex sells,” she said.
The spot, along with print ads and billboards developed by Blue Sky Design of Atlanta, targets “passive” job seekers who surf the Web on occasion to see how much they could fetch elsewhere, Hackett said.
“It’s our attempt to make [] memorable, interesting and fun,” said Rick Beyer, creative director of Smash.
Ads are breaking now in 85 markets nationwide. Spending levels were not disclosed.
The Boston-based shop was tapped for the assignment based on promotional spots it created for Hackett a few years ago when she worked for Turner Broadcasting.