Shop Till You Drop (Off)

Window shopping may be a favorite online consumer pastime, but how many e-shoppers actually are converted into e-buyers? In a recent data story, the Briefing reported that, according to Seattle-based marketing company Avenue A, the highest drop-off rates — the rate of Web users getting all the way to the last page of a site and then clicking away before buying a product or registering for a service — were for high-end purchase sites such as travel and auction sites. But according to a Nielsen NetRatings/Harris Interactive report, auction and travel sites in March did rather well in the online game of converting Net shoppers to Net buyers. Auction sites led all categories with the highest shopper-to-buyer conversion rate at 27.8 percent, topping book (26.6 percent) and clothing/apparel (23.4 percent) sites. And travel sites — whose conversion rate was almost 10 percent lower than that for auction sites — generated the highest revenue of all site categories with more than a billion dollars in March. — Sid Ross

–Travel services generated more than three times the revenue generated by closest site category clothing/apparel for March 2001.

–Fitness/sports & home and garden sites had the lowest buyer-to-shopper conversion rate at 10.0 percent and 12.1 percent, respectively.

Source: Milpitas, Calif.-based Nielsen NetRatings and Rochester, N.Y.-based Harris Interactive, March 2001