She’s Ba-a-ack . . . From The ’70s

She never became famous like New York’s Crazy Eddie, but Oklahomans remember Linda Soundtrak all too well.
Soundtrak–a.k.a. Linda Verin–was the late ’70s television pitchwoman for the Oklahoma City-based Soundtrak electronics stores she co-owned with her husband. Her high-pitch, warp-speed delivery was usually enhanced by wild costumes, cheap props and no evidence of professional direction.
Verin reached her local-celebrity zenith (some say wit’s end) when she incorporated newborn son “Sluggo Soundtrak” into the TV ads. A cute baby, however, was not enough to save the retail chain from going out of business in the early 1980s.
According to The Daily Oklahoman, Linda Soundtrak is back to pitch Oklahoma City’s MultiMedia Cablevision in an obvious deference to ’70s nostalgia.
Verin, now living in Birmingham, Ala., and “almost 50,” was a bit rusty, as it took her three hours to wrap the commercial. In the Carter era, she could shoot as many as 14 spots in one hour.
“I never thought they were good enough to do them over and over,” she told the newspaper.
–Glen Fest