Scion “Samples”

This Attik spot for Toyota’s Scion tries to break free of car-ad category cliches. There are no gleaming vehicles racing along scenic highways at sunset. Nor do shapely beach babes recline across hoods. What we get, however, isn’t an improvement. The whole thing consists of quick-cut, high-tech graphics that illustrate the many choices a Scion buyer could make in terms of vehicle colors and detailing. True, I’m not part of the hip, young demographic being targeted. But I can afford to buy a car. And this spot doesn’t make me want to investigate Scion. We get commercial cliches all right — plucked straight from the past 15 years of computer and home-electronics ads. There’s even Kraftwerk-esque robotic dance music on the soundtrack. And that can’t be hip or young, if only because I kind of liked it. In fact, though it’s designed to look cool and futuristic, the whole enterprise feels old-hat and dull, like footage cut from Disney’s Tron. (Which is making a comeback, apparently, so maybe this ad is cool after all.) I still say: Bring back the sunsets and beach babes. They really weren’t so bad. –David Gianatasio