‘Scary’ Synergy For Coors Twins

As “the official beer of Miramax,” Coors is entitled to a few perks. The brewer gets to supply the studio’s Oscars and Golden Globes parties with ice-cold ones; it’s guaranteed five product placements a year in Miramax movies; and should someone reach for something other than Coors in a Miramax film, it can demand that the brand be a cartoonish fake like “Acme” or “Duff.” But with the release of Scary Movie 3 last Friday—starring, among other near-celebrities, the Coors Light Twins—Miramax and Coors spied a bewitching opportunity to double the pleasure, double the publicity.

The twins—Elaine and Diane Klimaszewski—have earned a measure of fame thanks to spots from Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago, that feature a punked-up version of Tom T. Hall’s sappy, soporific ’70s country classic “I Love” (original: “I love/Leaves in the wind/Pictures of my friends/Birds of the world/And squirrels”; rewrite: “I love/Football on TV/Shots of Gena Lee/Hangin’ with my friends/And twins”). “When it’s rowdy [in a bar], everyone screams, ‘I love you, too’ at the top of their lungs” at the end of the ads, says Chuck Rudnick, FCB group creative director. “So when we heard the twins were going to be in this movie, we naturally rewrote the lyrics to go, ‘I love/Football on TV/Scary Movie 3,’ for an instant tie-in.”

The twins’ scene in the movie, meanwhile, is a parody of the TV spots. “The Scary Movie movies have always been ‘of the moment,’ ” says Lori Sale, evp of worldwide promotion at Miramax in L.A. “In our long-term alliance with Coors, we’ve hit a lot of singles, but this is a grand slam.”