Say Hello To The Interns

As Lloyd Grove’s sleuthing for the New York Daily News revealed, the sad truth seems to be that Paris Hilton, who got all sexed up for P. Diddy’s “Vote for die!” ads, not only didn’t vote last Tuesday, she wasn’t even registered. Sigh. Well, hopefully her stint last Monday at Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners taught her a little something about the value of truth in advertising.

Hilton and co-tramp-in-chief Nicole Richie spent last Monday at KB+P’s New York headquarters as interns during a top-secret shoot for The Simple Life 3, according to Shoptalk’s sources. Confidentiality agreements were evidently flying around the place, so we couldn’t figure out exactly which accounts the two worked on—or how well they did. (Of course, our grandmothers would say Paris and Nicole have been “advertising” for years, based on their skimpy outfits.)

In this next installment of their fishnets-out-of-water series, the bosom buddies will apparently be hard at work in a variety of industries, including spending time on Wall Street and in a classroom. (Rumors that Fox is trying to get them jobs as congressional aides in Washington remain unsubstantiated.)

KB+P’s cameo on the Fox program makes it the second shop to seek the spotlight on broadcast TV, following Donny Deutsch’s turn on NBC’s The Apprentice this season and last.