safer bet

After shelling out some $20 million to hitch a ride on a Russian spaceship, Dennis Tito may need some advice on where he can spend more of his loot.

That’s what the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority seems to think, judging from an ad that ran recently in USA Today. Created by R&R Partners in Las Vegas, it featured an open letter to Tito, titled “Dear rich space guy.”

The ad informs Tito that while he was “floating around bumping into things for $20 million,” he could have been entering the Las Vegas High Roller Fantasy sweepstakes to win VIP tickets to Vegas shows, a luxury suite, limo service, fine dining, free gaming chips and shopping sprees. That, the ad promises, “beats gallons of Tang and sleeping next to a guy named Yuri any day.”

“If a guy can spend $20 million to fly into space for four days, he certainly a) seems to be a high roller and b) enjoys travel,” said Randy Snow, vp and creative director at R&R. “He seemed like a perfect customer to us.”

For some, of course, a trip to Vegas may not be quite as exciting as a trip to space. “I’m sure the views are better from space,” Snow allowed.

As of press time, the client had yet to hear from Tito.